Slot machines against which you can win

With a few exceptions, Las Vegas-style slots with random number generators were not designed to test your skills. There is no strategy to overcome the casino’s advantage.

In the long run you cannot win against the games. This could change as both traditional casinos and online casino operators try to reach the millennial generation, The state of Nevada legalized skill-based electronic games in 2015, and some such games are expected to find their way into the casino halls in 2016. In some international markets, skill is already part of it. Japanese pachinko salons offer so-called pachisuro games, a mixture of slot machines and traditional pachinko, and with a clever way of playing you can improve your result. However, Las Vegas is still the trendsetter in slot machines, and the random number generator machines have been designed so that casinos can take advantage of them. Some games against which you can win have nevertheless established themselves in the casino halls.

In the mid and late 1990s, there were a variety of games where you could collect coins or symbols on a video screen until you had a trigger for a bonus win. Well-informed players were able to find machines that had almost reached the trigger and only play when the trigger was close enough to take advantage. Such games are rare nowadays.

Occasionally you can still find such games in older casinos.

Here’s how they work:

Piggy Bankin:
This three reel slot machine from WMS Gaming was the trendsetter for accumulated bonuses. Piggy Bankin ‘had a dotmation display above the mechanical rollers. Whenever the reels showed three empty reels, a coin was added to the piggy bank animated with orange dots. Every time the jackpot symbol landed on the payline, an animated hammer smashed the piggy bank and the player received the displayed amount. It soon became clear that you only had an advantage if you played only when there were already enough coins in the piggy bank.

Racing 7s:
Before IGT focused on video games, it had its “Vision Series” with a color LCD display in the top box. Racing 7s had red, white and blue sevens on one track. Each time a corresponding 7 landed on the payout line of the main game, the 7 with the corresponding color moved a little closer to the finish line. To get an edge, you could search for screens with the seven already close to the finish line and bonus payout.

Fort Knox and Buccaneer Gold:
Silicon Gaming, which has already ceased operations, offered various games with bonuses accumulated.

At Fort Knox, you had an advantage if five numbers of a ten-digit code were already solved by rotating the rollers. Once the entire code was resolved, the vault for your bonus opened. The goal at Buccaneer Gold was to collect five daggers stuck in the railing of the ship. If three or four daggers were already collected when you started the game, you had an advantage.

S&H Green Stamps:
This was the beginning of Bally Technologies in the area of ​​accumulated bonuses. During the game you collected green tokens when they landed on the video reels. If you had filled a book with 1,200 stamps, you could play a bonus game. The trick was to look for machines that already had 600 or more brands in the book to get an edge. Newly equipped casinos no longer run these games. These can still be found in casinos with older machines. However, it is more important than the game in question that you understand that in games with accumulated, accumulating bonuses you have to start shortly before the end to increase your chances.

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